Fallin For A Miami Boss: A Novella

She smiled on the outside but, deep down inside, Vicky Power’s heart only desired one thing that her man, Chauncey, wouldn’t give her.

Confused about what she should do next, Chauncey then turns her life upside down with a deep dark secret that he kept hidden away from her, which destroyed her mentally.
When emotion and drama arise, Vicky isolates herself and began feeling withdrawn from the world.

Reggie, a single real-life BOSS who owned real estate properties and businesses all through Miami. He had it all, but the only thing he was missing was someone to share it all with.
But, when Reggie and Vicky meets, the two hearts mend and loved each other unconditionally like no other.

Then, Vicky’s ex returns, unfolding the truth and causing chaos between her and her new-found love. Through it all, Reggie proves his love and loyalty and gives Vicky the one thing she always wanted.

Read as the two is challenged but shows that true love will always remain.