Fallin For A Dallas Boss: A Novella

After burying her mother, Nicole Brooks is next in line to be the COO at W.B.H. Fiberglass. Not very excited to join corporate America, Nicole reluctantly takes her mother seat with reservations, until she lays eyes on her new boss, Gavin Washington.

Gavin, young, handsome and brilliant, sparked Nicole’s interest from the very moment they met; problem is Gavin’s engaged to be married to Alexis Harrington.

Alexis is the ideal woman for Gavin; beautiful, smart and Gavin’s mothers first choice for a daughter-in-law, is the perfect match and both of their parents are anxious for the two to tie the knot.
But will he and Alexis make it down the aisles or will secrets, lies and betrayal open up an opportunity for Nicole to move in and have Gavin Washington all to herself?