Everybody Got A Secret : An Urban Romance: Super Boxset: Complete Series

The Everybody Got A Secret series is among the best in African American Urban Fiction. It’s now available as a SUPER BOXSET 1-4. In this four-book series, you’ll take a roller coaster ride with national bestselling author Princess Diamond. Her writing is very crafty. This series will keep you wanting more and more. **Warning** This is not your typical Urban romance, dope boy, thug love, or kingpin savage book.


Page Turning

Heart Pounding

Women’s Fiction

Street literature

Sisters Vanity and Pebbles are in need of a vacation. Vanity is having serious marital problems with her husband Ivan. She planned this girl’s trip to the Bahamas to help her relax and clear her mind. Those plans changed when her cousins Karen and Natalia decided to invite their husbands Marcel and Cash along. Cash invited his younger brother Keystone aka Stoney, which just so happens to be Vanity’s old flame. It doesn’t take long for Vanity to find herself caught up in a steamy lust affair with Stoney. Being with him makes her question many things, including her marriage to Ivan.

Meanwhile, Pebbles wants to forget her cheating ex-boyfriend Chip. The man she planned on marrying and the brother to her sister’s husband Ivan. Pebbles plans on turning up during the whole vacation by hooking up with as many fine men as possible, including her sister’s ex Stoney.

This will be a trip that no one will forget. Travel with them as they reveal secrets, push boundaries, fight, and bond all the while being on the sunny beaches of the Bahamas. Find out what happens in Everybody Got A Secret: A Complete Series.