Every Savage Deserves A Hood Chick 2

After experiencing the worst a man had to offer, Makiyah thought she was finally getting her happily ever after. Kane had given her a new sense of life, showering her with love, attention, and respect. Never having had that type of treatment is new for her, but she’s quickly learning that the new man in her life will go above and beyond just to make her happy. Unfortunately, Romell isn’t done with the beautiful Makiyah just yet. He’s back with a vengeance and looking to fight for what he feels belongs to him. When he shows up on her birthday trip, things quickly go left, and he does the unthinkable. Will Kane be able to save the day once again? Or will Romell’s plan mess things up for the couple?

Dymani isn’t used to the feelings she’s growing for the rude and arrogant Kendu. But he’s quickly breaking down the walls she has around her heart. When she finally begins to feel like she may be able to trust him fully, a secret he’s been holding on to threatens everything they’ve built. Will she be able to look past his indiscretions in the name of love? Or will his lies prove to be too much?

The brothers have a lot going on between revenge and proving their love for their women, but they have every intention of handling both by any means necessary. Come along on the final ride and find out why Every Savage Deserves A Hood Chick.