Every Rich Man Deserves A Loyal Wife 3

Becoming Dinero’s wife was supposed to be one of the happiest days in Chalynn’s life but that changed when wedding bells turned into gunshots. Watching her father be killed was hurtful but she has to decide where to go from there. Unfortunately, that won’t be easy at all when her mother is released from prison with an agenda of her own.

Dinero is used to being the man with all the answers but after tragedy strikes, he finds himself at a loss. Giving up isn’t in him but he’s going to be tested and so is his marriage. Will he and Chalynn be able to rise to the challenge? Or will the constant mayhem pull them apart?

Love was supposed to be easy but Chalynn and Dinero are about to learn it’s something you never stop fighting for. As truths come out one by one the two will have to figure out who’s really worth it to them. In this last installment loyalty is a must because ain’t nobody safe.