Every Rich Man Deserves A Loyal Wife 2

Chalynn never pictured herself falling for a man or opening up to one until she crossed paths with Dinero. Love seems to be out of the question for both of them. But that’s about to change when chaotic events bring them back together like never before. With no one else to turn to, they find themselves turning to each other. Chalynn is facing never getting her niece back, and her arrogant sister has a huge role to play in it. But one thing about karma is… she doesn’t miss anyone.

Dinero has learned to take all his problems on the chin and stay focused on his money and the streets. It’s like an escape for him, but after learning Destiny isn’t his daughter, it won’t be so easy to bounce back. Loyalty has always been at the top of his list, and once that goes into question, all bets are off. Love couldn’t have come at a worse time for him, yet it just may be the one thing that can save him.

The storm they thought was over has just begun, and they’ll soon learn nothing is what it seems. How far will they go for each other’s love and loyalty? Or does loyalty only go so far when more mind blowing truths are revealed?