Endless Hood Love: An African American Romance Novel

In the hood romance, Endless Hood Love,  life has never been fairytales, tender kisses or roses for cousins Yanni and Shontaea Brown. Growing up in the gutters-dirt-filled streets that many call the “hood”, they both learned at an early age that survival was the goal; family was nothing more than a word and the only sure thing they had was each other. That was until fate thrust them in the paths of two of their city’s finest; two dope boys that go by the name of Quan and Jon.

In an instance Yanni and Shontaea are swept off their feet; consumed by visions of love, promises of forever and dreams of happily ever after. The memories of their tainted past washes away by the hopes of their promising futures. Each of them thinks they’ve found the key to “forever’, however “forever” never lasts.

Yanni is loyal, faithful to, and ready to die for Quan. There is nothing she wouldn’t do for her street-King; however, once she learns that the words flowing from his lips, don’t match his actions, she begins to question their relationship; more importantly, the love that Quan has for her. Will she continue to stand by his side despite the evidence? Or will she show him the power of a woman scorned?

Shontaea has never been happier and she credits her happiness to Jon. She believes she has found the man of dreams. She’s, also, certain that she’ll spend the rest of her life with the man who made her dreams come true. However, street dreams turned to faded pictures and broken promises when she finds out that Jon has been less than truthful; he has more than a few dirty secrets. When the untold truth comes to light, will Shontaea be able to move on and rebuild with Jon? Or will she use the lies to fuel her calculated-revenge?

Follow Join Yanni and Shontaea as their perfect loves unravel before their eyes; moreover, their worlds come crashing down at the hands of the men who swore to protect them. Bonds will be tested, loyalties will be questioned, as the two women who survived the gutters of life, attempt to survive the “Killer” some call Love.

Endless Hood Love, a hot African American urban fiction standalone, comes from bestselling author Shanice B. This young lady takes you on an unforgettable tale of hood drama, thug love, and down south romance as she weave you through the streets of Warner Robbins Georgia, Macon and Atlanta.