Drunk In Love 3

He can dish it, but he can’t take it. For Mark, this truth has become his worst nightmare. After finding out that his wife, Olivia, is cheating on him he pulls the unthinkable and leaves everyone in pure shock.

During this showdown between husband and wife, Olivia quickly finds out that all is not fair in Love and War. Regardless of the circumstances, one should not think that they’ve won the battle until the fight is completely over.

What has been done in the dark has certainly come to light. Entangled lies, heated sex, undeniable betrayal, and unforgiving deception have its hold on just about every character in this book. In the end, will there finally be some kind of peace found among the crew or will the death of an unexpected loved one keep this rivalry going?

Find out why everyone is so Drunk In Love with this Super Intriguing read.