Diamond & Legend: A Hood Love Story

Diamond is at a point in her life where she realizes that her long-standing relationship is the sham everyone says it is. After getting fed up with her boyfriend Jakari’s ways, she’s not looking for love. All she wants to do is put in work to help her interior design brand grow. However, Diamond isn’t looking for a new relationship. Her priorities change when she responds to an inquiry about a design job that can change her company for the better and her life.

Legend and Justin came in the game together and now run things with precision. However, when it comes to light that the one person they both trust with their lives is holding on to secrets that could either kill them or have them both serving double-digit years in prison, they face some tough decisions. Either they stand by their code or give a pass to someone they look up to for doing the unthinkable. Now that the weight of the world is on their shoulders, neither of them has the time to think about starting a relationship with anyone. Their primary focus is to handle the street dilemma that they now have to rectify.

What happens when you meet the one person you could see a future with, but the timing is all wrong? They say love comes when you least expect it. But it can also come when you’re in the midst of a fight for your life and freedom. What will Legend and Justin do? Will they allow love into their world? Or will they put it on the back burner until their street issues are done?

Some meetings aren’t by chance or coincidence. People cross your path because they are supposed to.