Diamond & Boss 2: A Hood Love Story

In the explosive finale, Diamond & Boss 2: A Hood Love story, more truths, and secrets are revealed which sends Diamond’s emotions on a rollercoaster ride. After learning that Damien has been alive for the past three years, her feelings are conflicted. She doesn’t know what she should do or how to feel. With her feelings growing daily for Quentin, Diamond is torn. She is stuck between if she should continue to move forward or return to the man she once loved and start over. Will she decide to stay with Quentin? Or will she return to Damien knowing the painful truth?

When Quentin and Taj find out the truth about Garrick, Quentin is hesitant about bringing him to his demise. However, when they learn that Garrick and Damien have teamed up to kill him and Taj, all bets are off. The hunt is on to find them before Garrick and Damien get to them.

If you enjoyed the twist and turns in part one, part two will blow you away. Find out who survives and who gets put down in the final installment, Diamond and Boss 2: A Hood Love Story by Dani Littlepage.