Desiree & Diablo: The Complete Series

The Desiree & Diablo Series is among the best in African American Romance Fiction. It’s now available as a SUPER BOXSET 1-3. In this three-book series, love, lost, betrayal and much more with national bestselling author Princess Diamond. 

Wayne Barker has everything. He has a beautiful wife and child, multiple businesses, and plenty of wealth. Still, that’s not enough for him. He wants more. Eventually, being greedy will cause him to lose everything, thanks to his obsession with his side chick Chardonnay.

Desiree Barker, educated and gorgeous, is the brains behind her husband Wayne’s success. Her life is perfect until she gets a text message from her husband’s mistress. Desiree’s world spins out of control due to Wayne’s betrayal. As a result, she reunites with her first love Diablo. Old feelings resurface, and Desiree finds herself caught up between her past and her present.
Chardonnay Jackson, a proud side chick, has her eyes locked on one man, Wayne Barker. She has no rules or dignity to the lows that she will stoop to have her way with Wayne. Like a true thot, she’ll do whatever it takes to keep him.

After getting out of prison, the only thing that’s on Diablo Valdez’s mind is money. He is ready to take the streets back along with his best friend and partner in crime James “Freeway” Williams. Taking authority over the drug game had been Diablo’s primary focus when he gets a sultry surprise, a chance to rekindle a romance with his beloved Desiree. The streets don’t make it easy because Diablo has a target on his back. If he’s not careful, he could be buried six feet deep in the dirt.

Meadow Martinez is Desiree’s best friend and a boss. She is the cousin of Diablo, and she knows the game just as well as the fellas do. However, the streets love no one and soon she finds herself in danger, staring at bullets.

Relationships are tested, secrets are exposed, and someone will lose their life. Check out the piping hot box set about Desiree & Diablo by Princess Diamond.