Desiree & Diablo 2: A Hood Love Story

In part 2 of Desiree & Diablo, Wayne Barker is caught up in a real live fatal attraction. Trying to make his rocky relationship work with his beautiful wife Desiree. He has no choice but to keep some things a secret if he wants his marriage to work. Such as his pregnant mistress Chardonnay and a pending murder investigation. Willing to do anything to keep his love child a secret, Wayne pays Chardonnay off so that she will disappear. He risks everything just to save his marriage with Desiree. However, karma comes back to bite Wayne in the butt. It isn’t until Wayne gets a taste of his own medicine that he learns that some things should just stay buried.

Desiree Barker is spinning from her brief connection with her past lover, Diablo, and the man she has given the last several years of her life to, her husband Wayne. Sometimes doing what one feels is best can hurt that person far worse than anything they ever imagined. That’s what happens when Desiree reveals a secret that she has been holding on to. Will it cost her her marriage?
Chardonnay Jackson is still looking over her shoulder after she killed her cousin. Ready to run away from her past, everything and everyone is keeping her from her new life, including her self-conscious. With time running out, Chardonnay has to figure out if Wayne is really out of her system or if she should stay and try to make things work with the father of her unborn child.

After Desiree chose Wayne over her first love, Diablo Valdez, he decides to focus on his street business; also finding out who kidnapped his cousin Meadow. His partner and best friend Freeway is recuperating from a gunshot wound. He begans to lose his mind, and starts acting erratic because his girlfriend Meadow is missing. Diablo and Freeway’s disappearance tests their relationship.

Meadow Martinez is fighting for her life, trying to get away from her abductor. Bound and enduring the worst possible torture ever, she is praying for a miracle. Holding on to Freeway’s love for her is the one thing that helps her get through her darkest moments. Will she escape? Or will she die at the hands of her kidnapper?
Continue reading this jaw-dropping tale. You will be amazed at all the drama that surrounds Desiree & Diablo in this second installment of hood love at its finest.