Crushin On The Boss Next Door 3: An Urban Romance Finale

Jacael learns the hard way that your next move should be your best move. Going behind her brother’s back leads to many casualties. Now she is forced to face every decision she has made head on. Moving sloppy could lead to her demise, but she is ready to risk it all for those she loves.

Keva is distraught when she discovers what happened to Sire. She has to brace herself because the secrets she was once hiding will be revealed by no choice of her own. Betrayed by the one person she thinks really has her back, she gets a taste of her own medicine. Will she have enough time to turn things around for the greater good?

Arabia is still lurking in the shadows. Free from jail, she is determined not to have to live her life looking over her shoulders. She realizes it’s time to face Jacael and ask for forgiveness. Is she making another bad choice? Or will things work out in her favor?

In this finale, be prepared for the unexpected. Laugh. Cry. Smile. Shout. Get ready, because this is a book you don’t want to miss. Take one last ride with the crew as you find out what really comes from Crushin’ On The Boss Next Door…