Crushin’ On A New Jersey Boss

For best friends Janeice and Taira, love was the last thing on their minds. Between past heartbreaks and their daily responsibilities, men were the least of their concerns.

Neicy is a workaholic with very little patience and big dreams. Growing as a businesswoman and being loved unconditionally are two things she wants the most. Unfortunately, the very thought of chasing it and falling on her face keeps her playing it safe.

Taira is the wild card. Unlike her best friend, she’s more upfront and willing to go after exactly what she wants. She’ll do whatever it takes to make sure a genuine smile stays on her face. Being the risk taker she is, nothing and nobody scares her, and that just might come back to bite.

When the girls start to give their time to street savvy businessmen Jah and Rome, they experience the wildest, most emotional rollercoaster ride that neither of them was ready for.