Creepin’ With The Plug Next Door 3

Bestselling author, Mz. Biggs, is back with a vengeance with the finale to her new series, Creepin’ With The Plug Next Door 3! This gripping, African American Urban Romance drama from Cole Hart Signature will have you constantly anticipating what’ll happen next.

In this finale, Sia and India have stepped their game up. After sitting back and watching their men hit the streets, they decide it was time for them to boss up. Being the ride or die women they signed up to be, they were not about to sit around and watch their men face danger alone.

With Link and Cynthia still running free, Mon and Zelle are desperate to get their hands on them.  Additionally, the limited sleep and lack of food makes focusing on what the set out do even more challenging. However, they soon face the decision to either walk away from the street life and be a family with their women or continue to tough it out in the streets while putting the lives of the people they love in danger.

Outside of what’s going on in the streets, they are faced with dealing with betrayal by close friends and family and fighting to keep their relationships together.  Protecting family had never been an issue until they let their guard down and became weak for their women.  Was that enough to make them walk away from those relationships? Or had they’d taken more than enough and could walk away from the streets without looking back?

This highly anticipated finale, Creepin’ With The Plug Next Door 3 is sure to knock your socks off.  Mon and Zelle may have played about a lot of things, but Sia, India, and their kids were not one of those things. Keep following the crew as they show you what happens when you’re still Creepin’ With the Plug Next Door.