Creepin’ With The Plug Next Door 2

Bestselling author, Mz. Biggs, is back with a vengeance with her new series, Creepin’ With The Plug Next Door 2! This gripping, African American Urban Romance drama from Cole Hart Signature will have you constantly anticipating what’ll happen next.

The struggle was real for Sianni as she faced having to choose between Yosef and R’Mondo.  Yosef or R’Mondo? Yo-Yo or Mon? Puppy Love or Real Love? Follow my heart or follow my mind?  A million questions ran through her mind as she had to make one of the toughest decisions she’d ever have to make in her life. She wanted and desired R’Mondo; however, Yosef had been her world for so long that she didn’t know what to do.  Be with a man that showed you that you were important or be with a man that caused you misery and strife?  That should’ve been an easy decision, but it wasn’t.  No matter what decision she made, Sianni knew that she was destined to hurt someone; including herself.

R’Mondo was over the games Sianni was playing. He knew he was too damn good to be a side nigga or come in second to any man.  When he gave Sianni an ultimatum, he just knew it would be an easy choice for her. While faced with potential heartbreak, he struggled with being there for India and dealing with Zelle being shot.  Everything was happening all at once and none of it was good.  Now, he continuously wondered if he should take over for his Uncle Rocko or leave the streets alone for good.

With Zelle gone, India didn’t know what to do.  She was happy that she would have her baby to help her get through things along with the help of R’Mondo and Sianni.  But her life was still questionable to her.  How would she be able to look at the child her and Zelle created and not long for him? She hated the bad luck that had come her way, but that was nothing compared to the other events that were about to happen in her life.

Yosef made up his mind that he’d do whatever he had to do to get Sianni to stay with him. That included getting beat up more than once to prove his love for her.  Sianni’s birthday was nearing so it wouldn’t be much longer before her inheritance was in his reach.  He loved her, but he’d never be able to do right by her.  Not even after knowing that another man had her eye.  Just a little bit longer, he told himself.  Come hell or high water, both Sianni and her money was going to belong to him.

They say to leave the past in the past, but what happens when that past comes to find you? More secrets reveales, people from the past come out of the shadows, and life for some will no longer be the life they knew.  Find out what happens in… Creepin’ With The Plug Next Door 2.