Creepin’ With The Plug Next Door

Bestselling author, Mz. Biggs, is back with a vengeance with her new series, Creepin’ With The Plug Next Door! This gripping, African American Urban Romance drama from Cole Hart Signature will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. 

Love is like a drug. It can make you do crazy things. Things that you’d never in life imagine you’d do. Sianni “Sia” Mitchell had to experience this firsthand. Making a decision to step out on faith, she leaves her childhood home to move in with her boyfriend of three years, Yosef. Despite the way he treated her and how much he cheated on her, she held out hope that he would get himself together and be the man that she needed him to be. That was until she met Mon. Mon was different than what Sianni was used to; however, she showed an interest in seeing where things could go between them.

R’Mondo “Mon” Willis was the man in the streets. He had more than enough money to step out of the gameand planned to do so, until he recieves a proposition by his Uncle Rocko. One that he simply can’t turn down. Not one to quickly love or trust others, his first encounter with Sia was one he’d never forget. Although he knew she had a man, the fact that she gave him attention made her fair game to him. Now, he has to show Sianni that he’s the only man she needs in her life.

India was Sia’s best friend. Smart, beautiful, independent, and humble were just a few characteristics to describe her. While she’d always dreamed of becoming a nurse practitioner, she found herself in a relationship that caused conflict. Should she stay in her relationship or take a break from school to start a family of her own? Although, her boyfriend never gave her the option, having his baby was the one way she knew they’d be bonded together for life.

Zellous “Zelle” Walker was Mon’s righthand man. With a quick temper, he has a reputation for shooting now and asking questions later. Ready to take over the streets, Zelle commits himself to his work. The one thing he’ll never put his job before was his girlfriend, India. Zelle drew to India when he realized she wanted his heart and not his money. However, his desire to take over the streets come at a cost. Will he be prepared to pay the cost to be the boss? Or will he walk away from the streets without looking back for his happily ever after with India?

Secrets surface, lies arise, and relationships are tested. This book will surely keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next. Follow the crew as they show you what happens when you’re Creepin’ With The Plug Next Door.