Creepin’ With My Co-Worker

What one man won’t do, another man will. Bestselling author Mz. Biggs beautifully crafts, Creepin’ With My Co-Worker, a women’s fiction full of betrayal, love, and many long nights of rendezvous.

Infinity Terrell was a woman of exquisite beauty. Every man could see that except for the one man she wanted to see it the most. After being married for only a year, Infinity found herself questioning if marrying Kingston was the right thing to do. He’d cheated in the past and she forgave him as most people in love did. However, his old ways were starting to resurface, and her happiness was fading away. The only time she felt happy was when she was spending time with her co-worker, Maddox. To her, he was a breath of fresh air; she liked to refer to him as her work boyfriend. There’s nothing wrong with that, right? She thought the same thing until she started to have feelings for him.

Kingston Terrell considered himself to be the king of his castle. Whatever he said was how it was supposed to be. Having his own company, he used that as the chance to stray away from Infinity and do what he wanted in the streets. However, doing it for so long only caused him to get sloppy; skeletons began to fall out of his closet little by little. Being at risk of losing his wife, he did what he could to prove that he loved her and wondered if what he was doing was enough. After his failed attempt to make things right, Kingston realized he had to do more. There was no way he was going to allow Infinity to leave him and walk into the arms of another man.

Maddox Pitt was the man of every woman’s dream. He was tall, sexy, had his life together, and could put it down in the bedroom. What more could a woman ask for? While it seemed like an easy choice, things for Maddox didn’t go as planned. He professed his love to Infinity, who constantly reminded him that she was married. Maddox knew the marriage was going down in flames. He had to decide if he wanted to stick around to pick up the pieces or move on to find his own happiness.

Na’Kya Caples couldn’t seem to catch a break. From letting go of her dreams to being with a man who she eventually lost custody of her son to; all she wanted was one minute to breathe without having to worry about anything. After being in an endless relationship that ended on a sour note, she vowed to not get into another relationship until she could get herself together. That suddenly changed when she came face-to-face with a man she saw as being her knight in shining armor. The moment she saw that she’d possibly have to fight for him, she had to decide if it was worth it or if she needed to walk away before things went too far.

Mz. Biggs’ new series, Creepin’ With My Co-Worker will keep you on the edge of your seat with a plethora of emotions. Find out what happens when having a work boyfriend/girlfriend becomes complicated, and your next move has to be your best move if you want to come out on top.