Crazy Summer

Summer begins her journey in the streets at the tinder age of fourteen. Growing up in a notorious South Augusta neighborhood called Barton Village, infested with goons and heavyweight drug dealers. Summer made it her business to get in where she fitted,using her well shaped body and looks to get her where she wanted to be. Regardless if it was male or female,Summer was taking all invitations and wasn’t turning nothing down but her collar.Highly motivated by the streets and the material life that came with it. Summer becomes a mother of twins at fifteen and a mother of four before she’s twenty. Soon tragedy strikes for Summer and she looses her first real love along with her dear brother and furthermore she looses her mind. That’s if you let the public tell it. As she pick up the ball where her brother and kids father fumble, she begins to evolve into one of the most treacherous women that the city of Augusta would see. After being released from a women federal prison. Summer is back and she feels that the world owes her.