Complicated, But We Can Make It

Complicated, But We Can Make It

Life and love are like puzzles; not every piece fits perfectly. Rayen Davenport believed Avondre Conley completed her, but life had different plans.

Rayen Davenport has always been a driven and focused young woman, determined to turn her childhood dreams into reality. But just before heading off to college, a devastating event shatters her aspirations, setting her on a path she never anticipated. When she falls for Avondre Conley, she loses herself in a love that blinds her to his betrayals and deafens her to the warnings of those who care about her.

For eleven years, Rayen sacrifices her dreams, becoming a mother and wife at a young age, only to realize too late that Avondre isn’t the man she thought he was. After a tumultuous marriage and her parents’ 25th anniversary celebration, Rayen decides to reclaim her life, seeking a divorce and embarking on a journey of healing and self-discovery.

Enter Cavari Saintfleur, a former professional basketball star, returning to their hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina. Rayen and Cavari share a history and a passion, but their lives have taken them in different directions. Now, back home and facing their pasts, friends and family believe it’s the perfect time for them to explore what could have been.

Rayen isn’t ready to entertain the idea of another man, not while she’s still finding herself. Yet, sometimes, what we think we don’t need is exactly what we do. Can Rayen open her heart to the possibility of love with Cavari and finally complete her puzzle?

This African American romance explores themes of second chances, healing, and the strength it takes to start anew. Dive into Rayen’s journey as she discovers that sometimes, the pieces of our lives fall apart so better things can come together.

If you’re a fan of alpha men, enemies to lovers, and African American love stories, “Complicated, But We Can Make It” by Myeisha Newton is the book for you.