Clutching My Pearls For A Millionaire 3

Clutching My Pearls For A Millionaire 3

For Reminisce Covington, life should be a dream. She’s romantically linked with a millionaire, and wealth overflows in her bank account. Yet, life relentlessly hurls challenges at her. From a baby daddy about to marry her cousin, to a conniving stepmother turning her life upside down, Reminisce faces it all.

Regal Wright, reeling from his ex-wife’s death, finds himself embroiled in the deceit she left behind. With unwavering valor, he shoulders these burdens, fortified by the love of a remarkable woman by his side.

Chance Madison revels in a joyous life with the love of her life, their family blossoming. However, when your partner is a man with a criminal past, surprises are always around the corner.

Deston Brix loves his partner passionately, ready to confront any threat to their union. While love is his driving force, it doesn’t cover expenses. His life of crime does.

Bound by love, loyalty, and shared trauma, they face soul-searching questions: Is love limitless? When does loyalty reach its breaking point? Can trauma and affection coexist?

This is a story of love tested, loyalties questioned, and lives intertwined—will they find the answers they seek?