Clutching My Pearls For A Millionaire

Clutching My Pearls For A Millionaire

In the so-called reality of life, Reminisce Covington has known nothing but the struggle, with hopes of not being homeless. Living paycheck to paycheck, grinding like a single mother to provide for her daughter. However, she wasn’t single but was in a relationship with a man who was more of a burden than a partner, making selfish decisions with her hard-earned money, she’s had enough. The weight of the constant hardship is wearing her down.

The handsome Regal Wright, a divorced single father, whose unexpected presence shakes the foundations of Reminisce’s world. Despite having a man at home, the magnetic pull between them grows stronger with each encounter. But love is never straightforward, especially when an ex-wife with a vendetta and lived for drama is in the picture. Regal, however, remains a boss and stands on business in pursuing the woman he desires.

A sudden twist of fate alters Reminisce’s life when an unknown father bestows unexpected wealth upon her. In this newfound prosperity, she conceals the pain of a childhood built on lies and rises above the challenges.

On the flip side, Chance Monroe appears to have it all—a man who caters to her every need, a provider who settles her bills without complaint. Yet, a lingering void in their relationship becomes glaringly apparent. The revelation hits her when her daughter’s father resurfaces, eager to reclaim his family.

Caught between the love she has and the love she longs for, Reminisce faces a heart-wrenching choice. In this tale of “Clutching My Pearls For A Millionaire” by Queen Rae, an African American Romance, love unfolds in the mist of lies, betrayal, heartache, and the allure of newfound wealth. Will the intricate threads of this story weave the perfect love story or unravel into chaos?