Chino And Chanelle: A Hood Love Story

From bestselling author J. Dominique comes a beautifully crafted new hood love series. This enthralling urban romance novel, Chino And Chanelle, is full of drama, heartbreak, and page-turning romance.




These words shouldn’t be paired with love. However, for these three friends, they go hand in hand.

Chanelle seems like she has it all—a loving fiancé, a new booming business, and a wedding that she’s been waiting for all her life to plan. She should be excited about her future, but one mistake on her fiancé’s part could threaten everything she’s worked for. When sparks literally fly during a chance encounter, she finds that maybe what she wants isn’t always what she needs.

India is a firecracker that has been involved in an entanglement that leaves her feeling used and abused every time. She’s still holding out hope that love will come through for her until she can no longer lie to herself. After running into a one-night stand that left her with conflicting feelings, she finds herself right back where she started. Will love ever love her? Or is she forever destined to be a side chick?

Alexis is the friend that puts money over everything, even the secret man in her life. She doesn’t believe in the same fairy tales that her friends do, and as far as she’s concerned, love doesn’t pay the bills. Time and time again, she puts her best interest over the man she loves, but will they last time be the last time he lets her play him in the name of love?

Chino and Jayceon are hittas for the largest organization in the city of Chicago and very good at their jobs. They keep business running smoothly for the men of The Four Corners, and in return, they’re rewarded handsomely. But when they run across Chanelle and India, they get hit with one problem after another, opening them up to new threats and obstacles. Will the guys come out on top as usual? Or will their worlds be changed forever?