Chino And Chanelle 2: A Hood Love Story

Things pick up right where they left off with the crew having to deal with even more problems coming their way.

Chanelle has been going through it. Not only has she found herself in one life-threatening situation after another, but she’s also unable to stop the feelings that are growing for Chino, who seems to be the source of all the mayhem. When she finds out who’s really behind her misfortune, will Chino be able to come in and save the day once again?

Chino is out of his element. In the midst of having an unknown enemy, he can’t get Chanelle off of his mind. Never caring about anyone outside of his family leaves him unsure of how to handle these feelings, and it doesn’t help that a past fling keeps popping up. Will Chino find a solution to his problems? Or will Luna drop a bomb that will shake everything up?

India has once again found herself involved with a man with baggage. Now her poor taste in men has left her jobless and with a record. Will she give Jayceon a chance to make things right? Or will she cut her losses and completely write him off?

Jayceon wants more than what India has been trying to offer. He feels the connection between them, but the only problem is his crazy baby mama. Will he be able to keep her in check? Or will she continue to wreak havoc on his budding relationship with India?

Even though Alexis loves Israel, she’s convinced herself that she can do better. When she sets her sights on the grandson of her boss, she thinks she’s on her way to the life she always wanted. However, will her new prince turn out to be who he says he is?

This group of friends has more issues than vogue. Will any of them be able to get this love thing right? Find out in this sequel to Chino and Chanelle.