Chi-Town Bosses & The Women That Love Em 3

Grace “Gracie” Jackson is a talented and creative woman who has always found herself in the shadows of her sisters Gabby and Gemma. Timid and less outgoing than her two sisters, Gracie is almost thirty, still a virgin, and has never been in love. When she meets Malice, it was love at first sight. Will her insecurities ruin any chances for her to finally have a love of her own?

Michael “Malice” Wilkerson is the third son born to his parents, and he is usually all work and no play. Right before he meets Gracie, he vowed that he would scale back a bit and focus on meeting someone that he can call his own. Meeting, Grace, at the perfect time, he thought until he realized she had some insecurities that made her unappealing and less attractive for his taste. He shuts down his pursuit and decides to look for love elsewhere, but it was too late. She had already put a move on his heart, and it is close to impossible to fight his desires to be with her.

Finally, they find their rhythm and are growing closer and falling in love. Things are going well, but there is someone out there with an evil score to settle with Grace, while Trina is still lurking in the shadows behind Gutta and Gabby.
Will there be a tragic end for these couples or will their fight for the ones that they love prevail?