Chi-Town Bosses & The Women That Love Em 2

Trying to put her abusive past behind her, Chasity “Chas” Woods struggles with rebuilding her life. She is only focused on getting back on her feet and reopening her salon. Love, relationships, and finding a man to share her life with isn’t in her plans, and all she wanted from a man was purely physical.

Uriel “Rel” Wilkerson is enjoying the single life and has a strict rule of no sleepovers. Successful, creative, and most of all, handsome, he has no trouble bedding any woman he wants. Anything other than casual sex wasn’t in his plans until he lays eyes on Chas.

He’s exactly what she never wanted to admit that she needed and she’s a perfect fit for him, but are either of them ready to open up their hearts for love? Will Rel break down the walls that Chas has built to protect her heart, or will she let her past cause her to lose the best man for her?