Caught Up Lovin’ A Trill One

Michelle Elaine pens Caught Up Lovin’ A Trill One, a captivating romance full of drama, secrets, and heartache.

Toi Hamilton Ford isn’t the type of woman that needs to be taken care of. She was raised to be the epitome of a strong, independent woman. She’s never pictured herself as the type that needed saving because she always knew she could put on a cape and save herself. She has a plan—a plan for her future and what she wants her life to look like. However, all of that changes when she meets and eventually marries Tyson Ford.

For the last five years, Toi has been living a lie. The comfortable life she leads as a wife to a local entrepreneur and mother to two little girls is turned completely upside down as she discovers that Tyson has been keeping more than a couple of secrets from her. The effects of his dishonesty sets her on a path to a reality that she least expects. She soon realizes just how easy it is to get caught up in the life Tyson tries to hide from her. Toi discovers that perhaps Tyson’s true identity was always just below the surface. Instead, she may be the one that ends up changing.