Catching Feelings For A Hood Rich Thug

Heaven is too busy chasing the bag to be falling in love with anybody. Having a man is more of her twin sister Eternity’s thing. Scheming and scamming is all she knows to do. Heaven is the robin hood of Miami, stealing from drug dealers to give to herself. Heaven needs only one more score to walk away well paid. And his name is Glizzy. The only problem is she’s catching feelings and her latest come up might not happen all because of love.

Eternity and Heaven are like night and day. While Heaven isn’t looking for love, Eternity is looking for love in all the wrong places. After getting jumped by her ex’s baby mama, Eternity realizes that she needs to choose better men. Unexpectedly Eternity finds the man of her dreams. Only problem… he has a girlfriend. Eternity refuses to be a side chick, but her feelings for Drama grow. Catching feelings for a taken man can only mean disaster.

Hop on this train wreck of love and deceit as these two sisters venture through lust and betrayal. Catching feelings for a rich thug may seem to be all fun and games, but one of these sisters will have to pay more than what they bargained for. Playing for keeps is one thing, but when you play dirty, no one wins. Dive into this first installment page-turner.