Catchin’ Feelings For My Sneaky Link 2

In the highly anticipated sequel to “Catchin’ Feelings For My Sneaky Link 2”, Zendi Daniels returns, and her life is set to become even more chaotic. Determined to rebuild and leave her hurtful and heartbreaking past behind, her world is different from when we first met her in the initial book. The one constant? Her best friend, Truth. However, their friendship has transformed and is not the straightforward bond it used to be.

Caught in a dangerous friends-to-lovers relationship, Zendi is torn between two brothers who are hungry for money, power, and respect in the streets and her affections. She’s doing her utmost to concentrate on her relationship with King while managing her hidden affair with Truth. King feels like the partner she’s always wanted, giving her a sense of family, love, and support in her career as a skincare specialist. But, as Zendi discovers, not all that glitters is gold.

King’s growing suspicions lead Zendi to try and distance herself from Truth. But Truth is persistent, sure that the baby Zendi is expecting is his, not King’s. Uncertain about the baby’s paternity, Zendi works to maintain her image as the perfect girlfriend, causing the love triangle to become even more complex.

With a tangle of secrets on the brink of being revealed, Zendi faces a daunting choice. She’s concerned that whichever path she takes will lead to tragedy. In “Catchin’ Feelings For My Sneaky Link 2”, the stakes are raised, the love triangle is more intricate, and the pull of the forbidden grows even stronger. Are you geared up for the riveting continuation of this African American romance?