Capturing The Heart Of An A-Town Savage

From the authors Theresa Reese & Tasha Mack comes an intensely captivating urban romance that’ll leave you speechless.

Young and entitled Marlow Jennings believed the world revolved around her. However, after a tragic loss, the life her parents planned for suddenly evolved into something unrecognizable. Summers in her hometown New York City became a thing of the past. Her new reality was spending summers in Atlanta with her grandmother. Being in Atlanta deteriorated her sheltered lifestyle. She suddenly found herself in a vulnerable position, looking for love in all the wrong places.

Luck was never on Kiyan’s side. Being dealt a bad hand, he was forced into the street life. From stealing cars to selling drugs, Kiyan had to do what he felt was necessary to take care of his family. Between being the man of the house, raising his sister, and focusing on his rap career, he is determined to beat the odds stacked against him. When Amber, Kiyan’s girlfriend, betrays him,  he is forced to make a decision that could change his life forever. Will he answer to the call of the streets and lose everything he’s worked hard for?

When two people from two different worlds collide, the fast pace and undeniable attraction they have for one another can’t keep them apart.