Cali Dreamin’ 3: A West Coast Love Story

In Cali Dreamin’ 3, Shaunn Aryande returns with a heart wrenching finale that will force Kross and Cali to make some detrimental decisions that will make or break their relationship.

Cali’s intentions were to move to LA, finish grad school, and work for the top marketing firm in the country… not to fall in love with the most notorious drug dealer on the entire west coast—her childhood friend. Now that Cali has discovered her entire life has been a lie and she has decided to give Kross another chance, will this lead to a life of a bliss or a dramatic ending? 

Kross has finally made the decision to go legit. But once he is pulled back in, will he ever make it out? Will he be able to save the love of his life so they both can have their fairy-tale ending? Or will the very life he is trying to escape take him under?

All is fair in the game of love and war, or is it? Who will survive when it’s all said and done? Come and take a ride through Cali for the last episode of Cali Dreamin’.