Bow Tie Mafia 2

Just when Jaya thought it couldn’t get any worse, being apprehended by the Feds in a New York airport, losing her unborn child, and then with strong possibilities of losing her man… She finds herself in an even deeper hole by being lost in a world that she knows nothing about. However, when she and her now best friend Joy Davis, the Brooklyn street diva; sit down and put their heads together things begin to turn in their favor. Studying everything they could about the Mafia lifestyle, and with an expensive attorney that’s working for them by the name of Amanda Ross; there’s nothing or nobody that could stop them. One rule they definitely learned when studying the Mafia lifestyle, was that there was nothing more expensive than a cheap lawyer.

Baby Girl, the young college hustler out of Miami is being held in federal holding facility in Miami. Keeping her mouth closed about her Haitian plug is what got her in position as one of the heads of the Bowtie Mafia, and when all three of these ladies pull strings and get in the same women’s federal prison, they begin to plot against everything and everyone that they felt had crossed them.
Now with Shannon and Santonio living the good life, she’s more than glad that she’s gotten Jaya out the way to have her man all to herself. But just when everything was going good, more secrets are revealed; and when Santonio finds out the truth about what his so called fiancé did, he’s left with no option if he wants to live and stay plugged in with his connect.

Ride with national bestselling author Cole Hart as he weaves you through the streets of Atlanta, Miami, and New York, in a blazing hot sequel that’s guaranteed to have you on the edge of your seat until the very last page.