Bow Tie Mafia

Being the victim of a home invasion was a horrifying experience to a 5-year-old girl. Jaya and her mother were home alone that night when two men in suits, bowties, and masks invaded their Atlanta residence. Neither her nor her mother knew what was happening except that they were tied up and duct-taped, and that the goons demanded money. All young Jaya understood was that she needed her father.

Years later, the nightmare still haunted her and her father was never found. Jaya Woods had grown up and nearly finished college when the man of her dreams came into her life and destroyed her world. He told her everything she wanted to hear and showered her with gifts, while the entire time she was only being used as a pawn.

By the time Jaya woke up to see the reality of things, it was far too late. Now facing years in federal prison, she meets up with yet another female with the same drive and anger, with the same vengeance to retaliate against any and everyone who has ever crossed her. The bow tie symbolized the cross, and the cross was simplified only with the pistol. Together, they will stop at nothing until they were both free and have paid back all debts to all wrongs performed against them.