Black Tonya: Box Set

A world shattering secret and a hapless family history is uncovered in this heart-provoking series by Patrice Balark. Will Tonya survive?

Tonya Heart was born with two strikes against her. First strike, having a drug-addicted mother who would rather coddle a crack-pipe than nurture her child and the second having an absent father whom she wouldn’t recognize if she passed him on the streets. Between being a victim of circumstance and having so many odds stacked against her, she was deemed another poverty-stricken statistic. The hand Tonya was dealt with since birth displayed little to no hope. However, despite the forces against her and her lack of resources, Tonya managed to shuffle the deck and flip the cards in her favor. She learned to survive in the grimy streets of Chicago and gave herself a life her parents never could.

Although she was the product of two beautiful disasters, there was a silver lining amongst the dark clouds, her grandmother. When she sees Tonya swaying in the wrong direction, she decides to step in. Determined not to lose her granddaughter to the streets, she ships her off to Atlanta; hoping Tonya would stay on the “straight and narrow”. However, like a moth to a flame, Tonya seems to attract trouble. Before long, she got caught in a twisted and deadly web. This sends her running for comfort in the only city she’s ever truly called home. 

Back in Chicago, things were finally looking up. Tonya learns the truth about the man who helped conceive her. She also discovers he left her a small fortune. After all her pain and trials, Tonya finally feels she’s living the life she deserves. Suddenly, a new man forces his way into her world. Will Tonya lose everything she’s gained? Including her sanity? Or will the stranger help her become an even better woman?

In Black Tonya, discover what happens when one woman’s dirty-little-secrets and family affairs catch up with her. Additionally, witness how that same woman’s determination to survive, led her down a path of pain, love, deceit and so much more. This African American, urban-romance by Patrice Balark will keep you flipping pages from start to finish and leave you in shock.