Birkin Bags & Red Flags

Birkin Bags & Red Flags is an unputdownable African American urban romance book, dubbed as a boxset with nine different full-length stories from nine different bestselling authors under the Cole Hart Signature umbrella.

Theresa Reese is bringing you the Bronx edition.

We gonna take you down to the mean streets of New Orleans with Miss Jazzie.

Then we gonna jump on the expressway and allow Mz. Biggs to take you all up and through the city of Memphis, where project chicks and millionaire dope boys will set you up for a little of nothing.

Myeisha Newton is coming with a hood love story that’s down and dirty in Charlotte, North Carolina.

If anybody knows the cold and windy city of Chicago, it’s Yasauni. She knows how the steppers step and the goons spin the block.

Dominique will take you down to Miami, where the rich hustlers will fly you in and have you calling your baby daddy to let him know you not coming back.

Tosha Lavette knows how to bring straight drama with her section eight edition.

Now, when we get to Texas, you’ll sit down somewhere because Celeste Moore wants all the smoke.

However, Dejah Rice said ain’t nothing like the dirty south.

Within the pages of these stories, you’ll find yourself caught up with rich thugs. You’ll fall in love with some of the women hustlers that don’t take BS from none of the hood millionaires from any walks of life.

Within these pages, you’ll go through the hoods with some drama-filled chicks and notorious gang members. Birkin bags has become a trending topic in the African American community, and in every relationship, you got to pay attention to the red flags. But it doesn’t stop there. Just because some of these females are in the projects and on section eight doesn’t mean they can’t get the bag.

If it’s always someone else’s fault, red flag.

If she been down from the bottom when you were at your lowest, get her a Birkin bag.

If they can’t keep it real about the small things, red flags.

If she held you down while you were in prison, Geg that woman a Birkin bag—that is, if you can afford it.

But if he or she always asking for something and can’t give you nothing, red flag.