Bankroll Squad Augusta

Over 15 years ago, the infamous Summer Mckey had the streets of Augusta under seige, supplying the city with keys of cocaine and a string of unsolved murders. She had even raised her youngest son Dante to become a goon and to one day take over her empire. However, the tables turned on Summer, she lost her mind and was admitted into Ridge View Institute after sending her son to prison for murdering her twins.

Now, years later her friend Red Bone is running the city, still putting away millions for Summer and handling all her business until tragedy strikes and Summer receives a call from her son Dante letting her know that’ he’s the one responsible for Red Bone and her family death and that his crew (AMF) Augusta Mafia Family wants whatever she has, including her life. But Summer is a big deal, she wants revenge, and she wants her son dead. And when she starts her own team: Bankroll Squad Augusta, she’s ready to even the playing field.