Bad Boss Chicks 2

In Bad Boss Chicks 2, these Midwest hustlers waited years to find the missing piece they needed for their crew, Becky. Once she was in the picture, their click was complete. Things were looking bright for these Midwest women; money and power grew exponentially, foes and enemies abolished, and these women elevated the game to a whole new level. However, all empires fall eventually.

When Ma Baby puts Becky in jail, the Bad Boss Chicks feared their empire would crumble. Worst of all, they questioned whether their new recruit would fold under pressure from the Feds. Would she roll over on her friends? Everything got hot, and people went into panic mode. Shiesty set-ups, gruesome murders, and sharks in the water forced them to relocate and take over a new town.

A new location brought new hustlers and new ideas to the mix. But what separates the Bad Boss Chicks from the rest is their heart, courage, and their take no prisoners approach. This savvy crew is not going down without a fight.

Follow them on an intense journey as they strive through the good, the bad, and the ugly. Dodging snakes, rats, and haters is a task they know how to navigate in true gangsta fashion. Will their dreams of coming out on top come toto fruition? Or will their empire collapse completely because of “loose lips?” Find out in this gripping African American Urban fiction sequel, Bad Boss Chicks 2!