Bad Boss Chicks

Every boss chick doesn’t need a thug or a hustler to survive in the streets, or do they?

Some dope boys and kingpins need to have several women on their team. Some desire hood chicks, some need corporate women, and some love the baby mama drama chicks. However, there isn’t many that can handle a Bad Boss Chick.

In his debut, Perk Thirty brings you in the world of a savvy crew of women that come the bottom. They know the struggle. They know the hood, the street, and the ghetto. Most importantly, they know what it feels like to be raised in the projects. After going through hell, these Bad Boss Chicks finally get their break by meeting the Cartel. At the blink of an eye, money came into play and things started to change.  Haters could smell the blood. At this point, sharks are in the water. But sometimes, it’s someone in your circle that gets jealous, envious, and ready to pull the plug on your show.

In this gripping page turner, you’ll take a ride into the underworld of the Midwest hustlers with some Bad Boss Chicks that’ll have you on the edge of your seat until the very last page. Romance, suspense, and second chance drama are some of the things to expect in this African American Urban fiction novel, Bad Boss Chicks.