Back Outside With A Billionaire 2

Theresa Reese and Tasha Mack pen Back Outside With A Billionaire 2, a gripping finale filled with altercations, drama, and a bunch of uncertainty.

Determined to escape her tumultuous marriage, Jayda does everything possible to try and rid herself of Tonio. After being hit with unexpected news, she is left angry and confused. Uncertain of what the future holds, she must decide if Levi is the one for her. Will Jayda leave her husband for good? Or will she seek comfort in the arms of another man?

Levi is worried about Jayda but refuses to force her hand. An old flame emerges, and Levi is caught in a compromising situation. With his reputation at stake, he tries to figure out if pursuing Jayda is in his best interest. Does Levi love Jayda enough to jeopardize everything he’s worked so hard for? Or will the two finally come together and fulfill their true heart’s desires?

Juggling a drug addicted baby father and a billionaire was not how Nola thought her life would end up. At her wits end with fighting with her heart and her brain, Nola packs up in hopes of starting a new life. Moving back home around family is not all it had cracked up to be. Secrets from the past resurface, leaving her more wowed now than she had ever been. Stuck and confused, Nola somehow had to deal with the harsh reality that her family was too broken to fix. Will she call on Kenji to save her? Or will she pride herself on her independence and stick it through?

Never mix business and pleasure should have been labeled in the Amery Productions office. With his head no longer in the game, Kenji was on the verge of losing everything he worked for just to continue pursuing Nola. What should have been an easy task turned out to be harder than he expected. Could he woo Nola with his charming ways and bad boy looks? Or was she so fed up that their little stunt was just that?