Baby Mama Drama

When everything in your life is going right, you never expect things to take a turn for the worse or an unexpected event to turn your world upside down. But when you haven’t dealt with your demons or try to avoid them, they have a way of finding you.

Nalani Wilson has been with her boyfriend, Stephan Ellis, for three years. On the rise as an entrepreneur, everything falls into place for her when she becomes engaged to the man of her dreams. Living her life worry-free, Nalani’s past finds her threatening to destroy everything she has worked so hard. When telling the truth isn’t an option, she does her best to keep her skeletons a secret from her fiancé.

Stephan Ellis is the top real estate agent at his company and with his sights on going into business for himself; he feels as though he has everything he ever desired in life, a beautiful fiancée and a bright future. Feeling complete, Stephan is looking forward to jumping the broom despite how his mother and best friend feel about his decision. As soon as his life starts looking bright, a one-night stand from college enters his life with a seven-year-old child claiming that he’s the father; Stephan avoids her and her child at all costs.

Jayla Perkins is caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to work and personal life. Raising her son, Amir, on her own feels almost impossible. Working at a dead-end job and a lazy boyfriend at home, she becomes stressed out when her son starts misbehaving in school due to his absentee father. Jayla doesn’t want to search for her son’s father, but she’ll do anything for her child. After locating the man she knows is the father of her son, she becomes furious when he doesn’t acknowledge them or want them in his life which forces her to become a ratchet baby mama.

Will Nalani be able to keep her past a secret long enough for her to make it down the aisle? What will Stephan do after he takes the paternity? What actions will Jayla take to make her son’s father life a living hell? Find out the answer to these questions and more in Baby Mama Drama.