Alexa, Play I Need A Rich Thug Husband 2

In the heart pounding finale of “Alexa, Play I Need A Rich Thug Husband II,” the line between real and fake is thin as a lace front wig, and emotions run wild.

Courtney’s had enough of Jabo’s drama, ready to start fresh with Christian. He crashes into her life like a wrecking ball, and she’s ready to risk it all for this rich thug. But when Christian ghosts her, confusion and heartbreak set in. Now, with hidden agendas complicating everything, can Courtney and Christian find their way back?

Nikki plays the game as it comes – you’re in, she’s all in; you take it low, she takes it lower. Kingston’s the king of pettiness, and together, they’re a beautiful disaster. Can they set aside ego and pride for a real commitment, or will they keep going tit for tat?

Kami’s been through the wringer. Finding out Tyson, her boyfriend, hid a baby with her own cousin shattered her trust. She hasn’t even spilled the beans to her best friend Lake, fearing his reaction when he learns the truth about their tangled connections.

“Alexa, Play I Need a Rich Thug Husband II” weaves together the stories of six people battling their own traumas. In this gritty finale, the journey to love is anything but easy. Each step taken brings them closer to conquering the path. Dive into this jaw-dropping, emotion-packed dark urban fiction romance about three sisters and the rich thug men who own their hearts. If you’re a fan of second chance romance, Wealthy Alpha men and single women this book is for you.