Addicted To A Rich Hitta 2

Amaya is at a turning point in her life. After tragedy struck, she’s left reevaluating her life. She wants nothing more than to remain with Nardo. But her son’s life is more important, and she’s left in limbo to decide whether or not to give their love another shot. Before she can make the decision, a blast from the past returns, causing her more confusion than before.

Marcellus returns to help Nardo, not realizing Nardo is the one standing in the way of him being with the woman he’s fallen for. Respect and loyalty have been two of the most important things to him, but Amaya has him ready to put his friendship and business relationship on the line for her. Despite how wrong they both know they are, the soul wants what it wants, and sometimes the urge is stronger than one can resist.

Nardo is doing all he can to show Amaya he is the man for her. When Larissa reveals Amaya’s deepest secrets, Nardo questions whether what they’ve built is real. Nardo finds himself leaning on an awaiting Apryl, making him more confused than before.

With Apryl and Marcellus lying in wait, can Nardo and Amaya’s relationship withstand the turmoil? Will temptation ruin what they’ve created together, or will their love conquer all?