Addicted To A Rich Hitta

Have you ever loved a man so much that it felt like an addiction? It feels like you can’t live or breathe without him. You want to live inside of his skin, but deep down you know he’s not good for you. That’s how Amaya felt when she met, fell in love with, and got pregnant by Nardo at a young age.
Nardo was everything Amaya thought she wanted and needed. He’s rich, handsome, and an amazing father to their son.
In a perfect world, she would have settled down with him, and they could be a family for their son. Unfortunately, the fairytale life of Amaya dreams of cannot happen because Nardo already belongs to somebody else.
Nardo is the man you’re warned to stay away from. To himself, he’s God’s gift to women. Bouncing back and forth between his girlfriend, Apryl, and the mother of his child, Amaya, Nardo feels he can have his cake and eat it too. When he’s placed in an unexpected situation, he realizes he was being played at his own game.
Will Nardo’s pride get in the way and allow him to let both women go? Or will the love he has for them make him overlook the unthinkable. Find out in this first installment where lies and secrets are revealed.