A Virgin & The Rich Jamaican The Next Door

A Virgin & The Rich Jamaican The Next Door

A Virgin & The Rich Jamaican Next Door by Candy Moore

Imagine being the daughter of a billionaire yet still enduring a tough upbringing. Caprice Turner’s life has been filled with pain, heartache, and betrayal. Raised in a rough part of L.A., Caprice is likely the only virgin her age, a result of a devastating incident in her teenage years. Estranged from her father all her life, Caprice’s world takes a drastic turn with one phone call and a single request.

Due to the dire situation at home with her mother, Caprice has no choice but to accept her father’s offer. Her life quickly transforms from one of struggle to living a lavish lifestyle with the man she has always longed to know. As Caprice tries to adjust to her new surroundings and get to know the family she never knew, she encounters the intriguing neighbor next door—a wealthy Jamaican named Damien King, AKA Owl.

Damien is everything Caprice never expected. Despite their rocky start and clashing personalities, there’s an undeniable chemistry between them. What begins as an enemies-to-lovers situation soon evolves into something deeper. Caprice finds herself drawn to Damien’s charm and confidence, discovering that beneath his tough exterior lies a man who understands her pain and past.

But their budding relationship faces numerous obstacles. In the midst of this, old wounds are reopened, and Caprice must navigate through betrayal and secrets to find her own path to happiness.

“A Virgin & The Rich Jamaican Next Door” is an African American romance that beautifully blends the themes of enemies to lovers, arranged marriage, and second chance romance. Follow Caprice as she embarks on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and unexpected love in this captivating tale by Candy Moore.