A Thug Valentine In Chicago: A Hood Love Story

Have you ever fell in love with your best friend? That’s exactly what happened to Hart and Venus. Their bond was deeper than they both realized.

Hart Diaz Santana became the head of his family when his father was shot. His parents had been grooming him to take over the family business since he was born. At an early age, he was moving more coke than most corner boys saw in a year. Hart was jumping on planes with millions of dollars, negotiating high capital deals, and bribing officials. He did whatever it took to make sure things worked out in his favor. Of course, with money and power came a slew of women, and Hart dated them all.

Venus Alexander met Hart in the second grade after they both got caught cheating on a test. That mistake taught them a valuable lesson in life and it formed a lifelong friendship. As time went on, Venus noticed just how superficial Hart was. He was cute, but he was a self-centered womanizer. It wasn’t until he offered to tutor her in physics that she realized how intelligent he was. That’s when she became attracted to his mind and she realized he had more to offer than just his good looks.

The night that Venus and Hart realized they had romantic feelings for each other, his house was raided. Being the man of the house, Hart made sure that, Venus, his siblings, and his mother made it to the safe house. Consequently, he never made it. That night, he was charged with drug possession and forced to do ten years in prison.

Can Venus be Hart’s ride or die chick? Or will she fold under pressure? Take this suspenseful journey with two best friends as they explore what love truly means in A Thug Valentine In Chicago.