a single woman and the thug next door 3

A Single Woman & The Thug Next Door 3

A Single Woman & The Thug Next Door 3 by #1 bestselling author Krystal Armstead is an emotional whirlwind of love, secrets, and revenge.

Reeling from Novel’s devastating loss, Baybee flees Maryland, thinking she can outrun her past. But, the truth about her twins’ paternity lingers like a specter, hunted by her enemies’ watchful gaze. Despite her best efforts, her past won’t be left behind.

Reign is locked in his own battle, caught between his fears of love and his feelings for Baybee. Love has always been a threat, but with Baybee, it’s a risk he’s willing to take. His unanticipated arrival in North Carolina detonates a series of painful events that will shake everyone to their core.

Dosa’s thirst for retribution following her brother’s death paints a target on everyone, sparing not even her own flesh and blood. Soon, Baybee realizes the time has come to rethink her strategy, because one wrong step could spell disaster.