A Single Woman & The Thug Next Door 2

Devastated after discovering her new love, Novel, is married to her twin sister, Baybee is left in shambles. The unexpected arrival of Aunt Cicely, armed with stories of Novel’s questionable past, should have sent her running. But Baybee is weary of fleeing. Longing for stability, she clings to the illusion of a normal life Novel provides—a father figure her children might accept, a man who seemingly has it all figured out. However, the facade of this fairytale is fast eroding.

Just as Baybee is struggling to piece together her life, it starts to Reign— a relentless storm that she can’t escape. Despite her better judgment urging her to move on, her heart stubbornly clings to Novel. Reign, with his intense feelings for Baybee, isn’t backing down either. Novel, well aware of this, exploits Baybee’s vulnerability, her desire to keep her children happy. When she thought she’d finally achieved some semblance of stability, she’s about to realize just how tempestuous her life is about to become.

A Single Woman & The Thug Next Door 2 is no ordinary love story. Because love, in its truest form, is never simple. What happens when the very thing you’re running from is the thing you crave the most? Will Baybee choose the storm or the illusion of calm? Dive in and discover how tangled the threads of love can become when the thug next door is involved.