A Single Woman & The Thug Next Door

In A Single Woman & The Thug Next Door by Krystal Armstead, Baybee Brightwater discovers that it’s much easier to fake a smile than to explain why she’s sad. It’s tough to explain what’s wrong when hardly anything in her life is going right. Despite the scars on her heart, Baybee tries not to let them define the way she loves, but that’s easier said than done.

Baybee seems to go from one bad situation to the next. After leaving her husband, she deals with a man who barely claims her son. Feeling defeated, she decides she’s through with relationships and isn’t looking for love—until it finds her.

Enter Reign Rollingstone, a man known for wreaking havoc and living on the edge. This enigmatic figure embodies the essence of thug love. As his child’s mother lies in the hospital due to complications with her pregnancy, Baybee comforts Reign while just doing her job. But Reign sees something more in her, a connection that draws him closer.

Just when Baybee thinks love has forsaken her, one man teaches her that all men are not the same. Or is he? In this gripping women’s fiction, find out what happens when a single woman gets caught up with the thug next door and discovers the complexities of hood love.