A Section 8 Chick & A Philly Millionaire

A Section 8 Chick & A Philly Millionaire

All I need is a little help, or just someone to understand and let me know I’m doing the right thing. I need that reassurance that other women often speak about. On God, I’m trying my best, yet life keeps beating me down. Will I take a thug or drug dealer? You damn right I will. Nevertheless, he’s still a man, regardless of his occupation, and a man to teach me how to be a woman. Lead me—even if he’s got a little gangsta in him. It’s something about them hood Philly guys with them big beards, carry big guns, and them deep rugged accents that just… Girl, if you know, you know. Maybe that’s too much to ask for. My momma and daddy straight gave me the boot when they found out I was pregnant. So, finding someone to love me, when my own parents couldn’t, feels like a losing battle. My baby daddy couldn’t do nothing for me but knock me up, again and again. A fool, that’s what I was for letting him—a bum who already didn’t take care of the ones we had. I thought I had some kind of hood love. His PlayStation 5 was more important than his kids. Smdh.

When I got my Section 8, I just knew life was going to get easier for me. NOPE, it only got worse. I was searching everywhere and praying to God daily for a piece of a better life. But it feels like God’s busy helping someone else, or he just can’t hear me.

From the rough streets and projects of Philadelphia, I wasn’t aiming to become just another statistic. I was determined to rise, even if it meant doing things I never wanted to.

And just when I thought God had put his AirPods  in and left me out to dry, my longtime friend, , Keyz came back into my life. My heart wasn’t sure how to act. This man was everything I didn’t know I needed—a lifesaver, if you ask me. My body craved that man, and my kids grew to love him too. Slowly, life looked like it was turning up. Until the storm clouds rolled back in. Is Keyz my salvation, or just another chapter in my saga of pain?

Take a seat and follow the life of Sage, a woman grappling with the trauma of living in Section 8 projects of Philadelphia, love, and life itself, as she fights to beat the odds.

In this sizzling, spicy, heartfelt read, you’ll ride every emotion. Your heart will race as the drama unfolds; each twist and turn will have you on the edge of your seat. Will life beat Sage down, or will she rise, learning from her past, standing strong for her kids, and forging her own path, regardless of the relentless curveballs life throws her way?