A Secret Hood Love Affair: An Urban Romance


I’m Princess Taylor, daughter of a Kingpin. My father, Quincy, alongside his twin brother Quintin is known to the world as the leaders of the Taylor Cartel. Expensive cars, designer bags, shoes, and clothes, don’t excite me. That’s probably why I haven’t met a man yet who could hold my attention. Most think because I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth that I’m one of those prissy broads. But I’m far from it! I just so happen to run two of the most lucrative businesses, Daddy’s Girl, a Gentleman’s Club, and Taylor Made Constructions. Life is good, but it hasn’t always been sweet for me. I’m no different from the rest of the women in the world when it comes to these men and their games.

Pierre was my first everything, he was my first love, and my first heartbreak. Even though I lost at the game of love, I still won a prize, and her name is Harmony Taylor. That’s right, the first time I had sex at the tender age of fourteen, I got pregnant. I know it sounds bad, but it is what is. I made a vow to myself to never fall in love again until I met a man that could live up to my father’s standards…


I got the typical hood story. Grew up with a single mom. My pops died in a shootout when I was young. Word is, he was the toughest man alive and the right-hand man to the Taylor Twins. After my pops were long and gone, the twins looked out for us, they practically raised me and they are the reason I’m a young, ruthless, and rich now. Growing up protecting my OG and little sister Skylar, you’d think I’d be better with women, but the truth is told, it’s the opposite. I’m emotionless and simply unlovable, or so I thought…

In this Urban Fiction Romance, you’ll take a ride with Princess and JA through the world of love, heartbreak, and broken promises.